Friday, November 25, 2011

Acid Pump - Problems.

I've had the acid pump I put together and controlling remotely working for a while now and it has already started giving me trouble.  The pump itself is fine, but the check valve fittings are starting to dissolve.  DISSOLVE???  WTF??

This is a chemical dosing pump that should handle acids as strong as they make them.  It even says that it will handle hydroflouric acid, you know, that stuff that dissolves human bodies on TV?  I shut it off and will call the company after the holiday to see what the heck is going on.  The tubing is HDPE ( high density polyethylene) and it is handling the acid just fine.  The pump body and mechanism is handling the acid just fine.  The stupid valve fittings are the problem.

Here's a picture of the problem:

If you click on the picture, you'll get a bigger version where you can really see what's happening.  Annoying isn't it?


  1. I have the same pump but have not experienced this problem.

    Are you running your acid at full strength? I have been using mine with 1 gallon acid and fill the 5 gallon bucket the rest of the with water. I figured it would be much safer incase of a leak.

  2. Yes, I'm running it full strength. I didn't want to be changing it too often, and during the peak of summer I go through a lot of acid. I was careful to check the specs though and the pump should be able to handle full strength acid. Now that I have more information on the problem, I may have to dilute it down some to make it work long term.