Monday, August 16, 2010

Just starting out

Finally entered the world of blogging.  The charts are from my home power monitor and represent real-time power usage.  Pachube is a beta service and sometimes they have problems so if the charts don't work right, just refresh the page.  If that doesn't work, refresh again.

The dial guage is on a 15 minute refresh cycle but the various line graphs refresh only on a page reload.  The graphs and such will change as I try new stuff out.

Meanwhile, take a look at my narrative on controlling the power usage of my home here in the desert.  It's the tab at the top of these 'comments'.

Edit: Back in these days I was totally dependent on cloud services. However, they hadn't really even used the term all that much. Also, I was heavily involved in the 'internet of things', but they didn't call it that then. Now, I still use the internet, and to a very minor degree still use a couple of cloud services, but I've learned not to depend on them.

They fail, change, raise their rates, go out of business, change their terms and an entire list of bad things for people that develop for home use. Plus, your data is out there for them to sell or mess with.
The charts I refer to here don't exist because the providers went away.
Jump forward a few years to see what I'm doing now.