Thursday, November 24, 2011

Measuring temperature, what not to do.

So, it was about 62F outside and an overcast day.  I checked the temperature coming from my outdoor temperature sensor and it said 75F.  I started checking the wall and put a thermometer near the device.  It seems the house is actually radiating a little heat through the wall outlet it's plugged into.  This won't make any difference in the summer since the outdoor heat is so much higher than the indoor heat, but in the winter it will throw all my readings off.  Guess I'll build one of those little houses that hold sensors out in the yard and paint it white.  I'll run power into it and that way I can have other devices in there if I want them.

I'll also seal the outlet.  R twenty something insulation in the walls and an outlet gets overlooked.  Spray foam, here I come.

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