Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Power Company Came to the House

A really nice guy came to the house to check the meter.  His work order said that he was sent out on a call to check for a too high reading, nothing to do with demand.  He actually couldn't check demand because that takes special equipment that he didn't carry in the field.  Soooooo, he tried to check the meter accuracy under load, but couldn't get a pulse reading using a laser to reflect off the aluminum wheel (Arizona sun was too intense) and just pulled the meter and took it with him.

I now have a much smaller, smarter meter that he assures me is programmed for a hour's demand, and the old one will be checked to see how it's programmed and if it is recording accurately.  This meter has an infrared pulse output that can be used to measure power.  I'm pretty happy with the current measurement techniques so I may not mess with that.

So, it seems they don't understand demand across the company and they can't get a work order correct.  The drama will continue since I insisted that I be notified of the results of the tests on the meter.  I expect that to happen because the meter guy was really interested in what I was doing and how the meter was actually working.

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