Thursday, October 7, 2010

Still haven't heard from the Power Company

Well, it's been a week since the power company was out.  Haven't heard a thing.   I suspect that I won't hear anything until I make a stink with the government again.  The new meter is setting at 1.3 kW which is the lowest it's ever been.  They could well have fixed my particular problem; interesting to see what comes of this over the next weeks.  I don't plan on going away.

Meanwhile, I've been working on a display computer.  It gets the time from NIS and the power from my monitor and displays them.  It also forwards the data to Pachube to free up the laptop.  I'm waiting on a couple of parts to finish it up and mount it to the wall in the house.  Then, it's a toss up between a device to control the two A/C units such that both of them cannot be on at the same time during peak periods or something to control the compressors on my refrigerator and freezer such that they can't be on at the same time.  I may just make the first web enabled home thermostat from an Arduino (at least I think it would be the first).

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