Sunday, May 6, 2018

Another Garage Sale Find

I found something else at a garage sale that I'm going to write about. I promise I'll get back to technical projects for a while after this.

I was looking through a bunch of really old TV repair equipment. There was even an old B & K sweep marker generator there.

The guy had lots of old equipment. Looks like he had bought out a storage locker that was abandoned by an old TV repair shop.

This was in the days when tubes (young folk, look it up) were used. Back when we actually had tube testers to tell us if it was bad. We'd slap the side of a tube gently with a screwdriver to see if sparked. Ah, those were NOT the good old days. I didn't buy any of the electronics, they were just too old and that stuff, while magnificent in its day, just wouldn't do the job today. I don't really want to start a museum.

After spending some time prowling and remembering, I stumbled on a wine rack. It wasn't special, but he wanted $12 for it and the metal rings it had in it were more than that at the steel supply, so I bought it.

I took it home and stuck it on the counter top where I wanted it and it didn't look too good.

It was too dark for the room, and too wide for the spot. Crap, I should take a tape measure with me for things like this. Actually, that wouldn't have worked because garage sales are all impulse items or rare finds that you can't turn down. You never find the exact right thing when you're looking for it.

I guess I could sell it at my own garage sale, but I did buy it for the rings that hold the bottles. Maybe I should pursue that.

If you notice, I have unlimited space up top and a cabinet that is three rings wide would fit in the space, so I got inventive. I took the 4 x 6 arrangement

Got out my hand grinder and welder and turned it into a 3 x 8 arrangement of the rings.

I took the rings inside and sure enough, it would fit. So, then I needed a new box to hold it. I just happened to have some hickory plywood left over from my cabinets; the guy that designed them over ordered. Naturally I kept the excess because that stuff is expensive. Now was a chance to actually use some of it instead of moving it around the garage from time to time.

I built a basic box with no back:

then test fitted it into the same spot as before:

Yep, it was going to fit. I used crown molding for the base so it would be a little more stable and to cover up some saw marks. I had this left over also. Now, to finish it off , it was just install the metal rings. 

Add a little finish to make it shine a bit, and move it back into the house.

Now it fits the space and matches the existing cabinets. I have more room for wine bottles than I have interest in buying wine. Perfect.

Yeah, I know, I could have bought the rings off ebay and done exactly the same thing, but I never thought of that. Also, each time I visit a garage sale, I come away with more work to do.

I hope  I don't find a '32 Ford at a garage sale.


  1. I go to garage sells every chance I get and recently got a welder. I'll have to keep things like this in mind just to improve my welding skills. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I used to avoid garage sales like the plague. It seemed like they were nothing but junk someone wanted to get rid of. And, most of them still are, however if you go to enough of them you do find cool stuff from time to time.

      This last trip I was actually looking for scrap metal to try things with. Seems like great minds think alike.