Monday, July 8, 2013

Holy Cow, I've Got Competition

As this blog can attest, I've been shifting my power usage to non-peak periods for a few years now. I didn't realize what an accomplishment this was because I did it out of GREED. Yes, greed. I got tired of giving my money to the power company and wanted to keep it for myself. Now I happened across an effort in Europe to do the same thing I'm doing, but they made it into a contest and are actually offering a reward. 


 Yep, what I give away for free is being solicited and suggested to corporations, education facilities, and NGOs (non government organizations). Sheesh? Why didn't they just make a few suggestions to the army of nerds out here that are attacking this problem in their own way? So, take a look at ; the ideas they present are somewhat pie-in-the-sky, but some of them might actually do some good. Funny though, they didn't mention things like controlling the refrigerator compressor during peak periods, alternating expensive appliances such that they can't be on at the same time. Using tile flooring to hold the heat and cool during needed periods, automatic ceiling fans, the stuff that normal people are working on all over the world.

 Some of the more mundane items I have like shade on the sunny side of the house, solar tubes in the ceiling for light during the day, and extremely low power pool pump using special venting to support vacuum problems completely escaped their notice as well.

 Anyway, have a look, but remember, you saw it here first.

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