Monday, July 9, 2012

Outdoor Temperature - Holy Cow

It's 9:30AM here and the temperature outside is 110F.  WHAT??  I had no idea it got that hot that early in the day here.  Fine, I've lived here for several years now and lived through 120F plus days and watched the plants shrivel up and die, but 9:30 in the morning and hitting 110 already??

Yes, I checked the temperature against another device with a bi-metal spring and it corresponds.  I also dragged a cooking thermometer out there and put the probe in the shade where it could sample the air temperature - same thing.  So, my outdoor temperature device is working and doing what it's supposed to do; I just don't like the data it's giving me.  That explains why the interior temperature of my barbecue was over 200F before I turned it on yesterday.

I think I'll work on inside projects today.....sigh.

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