Monday, April 16, 2012

Power Monitor - Failure

I was busy around the house a couple of days ago and not paying attention to the Power Display, so later that day, I happened to notice that Pachube wasn't getting updated.  Looking at the power display, it was reading zero.  Obviously, that's wrong so I went into the garage and the Power Monitor seemed to be working fine, just reporting a zero level of usage.  I reset the device and everything started working again.

This is the first problem of this nature that I've had since I removed the WiShield and went to an XBee network.  The network didn't fail, something else was screwing up.  I decided to modify the code to reboot every day and clear out any problems from software or memory usage.  While I was at it I updated the description of the device with the newest code and pictures.  Now, I'll just wait and see if this fixes it; may be months before I know.

Update, May 9, 2012:  Had it fail again, more info here.

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