Monday, March 5, 2012

Acid Pump - Replacement Arrived

I got my replacement acid pump a couple of days ago and just now got to testing my ideas for valves and fittings.  I'm trying these:


These are 3/8" NPT x 1/4 HB connectors and thread into the pump head just fine once I removed the valves they shipped with it.  I went with tubing connectors for two reasons, these have really long barbs and should seal well, and I couldn't find Kynar valves in anything except tubing configuration.  The Kynar valves look like this:

Notice how long the barb piece is?  That should stop any leaks if they don't dissolve in the acid like the other fittings.

I wrapped the pipe fittings with Teflon tape and screwed them into place.  The 1/4 tubing didn't want to go on the fittings so I got a heat gun and softened up the tubing.  I was able to slide it on just fine.  Now I've got the valves in place with some tubing pumping water around in a five gallon bucket.  I'll test this for a while before I put the pump in place and test it with acid.  I did notice though that the new check valves work really well.  They have no back leakage at all and open with very little pressure.  This should help a lot with my problems priming the pump.  The lines will have four of these valves in them to prevent backflow and loss of prime just like the original shipment so my cost is greatly reduced for maintenance.  These little valves cost less than a buck and a half while the original ones are more than thirty dollars (and don't work).

The pump will be in test mode for at least a day and then I have to get a couple of 1/4" elbow barb fittings because the tubing is so stiff I can't bend it like I want to.  I'm also going to get some tubing clamps like these:

I'll use these clamps around the barbs to make sure the tubing doesn't get warm and flex off during the summer heat.

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