Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Swimming Pool Pump

The pump I mentioned before is installed and working.  After trying to research every energy efficient pump out there I decided on the Hayward Ecostar.  Turned out to be a really cool pump.  This thing is a permanent magnet variable speed pump that can be dialed in to whatever I need.  I'm currently running it at 1750 rpm most of the time and kicking it up to 3000 for several hours in the evening to make sure things stay clean.  At 1750 rpm it only uses 265 watts and that means I can run it during the peak period.  Since my peak period is from noon to seven PM, I pay the lowest rates possible.  There's a bunch of other things that work in my favor as well.  The lower pressure puts less strain on the plumbing system, makes my solar heater work better, less wear on the pump, salt water chlorination is more efficient, etc.  Why don't they recommend installing at least a two speed pump when you buy a pool?

I may not save any money running it this way, but it is nice being able to run the pool in the afternoon.  This is Arizona!

Update, September 7, 2012: This pump failed.  Hayward (the manufacturer) did an excellent job of resolving the problem; they actually replaced the pump with a new one.  The date of this edit is well after the problem occurred because I didn't think to update it until now; to see the post where I describe the problem look here <link>.  -dave


  1. This post was entered just after the pump was installed. The pump really, really does save power. Lots of it. I'm still compiling information and want to have some track record when I talk about it more, but it looks like I save around 20% of my energy usage with this thing. Massively wonderful device.

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