Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cold Weather

Fine, after all the planning and testing, the weather snapped cold.  I know it isn't as cold as the Central and Eastern states, but it got down into the teens here in the freaking desert!  So much for power savings.

My no-freeze system kicked in on the pool and the 2.8KW pump turned on and stayed that way until the temperature went over 38F.  I also had to give in and run a few appliances to keep my stuff from freezing up.  The rotten thing about it is the day before the cold snap I got a new pool pump.  One of those permanent magnet, variable speed things that could have done the no-freeze circulation task at 250-300 watts, but it was too cold to try and install (you get wet doing things like that).  So, when you're admiring my accomplishments at controlling power usage, remember something always goes wrong.

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