Wednesday, October 23, 2013

GroveStreams and the SteelSeries Gauges

If you've been following my rantings, you've seen the SteelSeries gauges.  I think they are the very best analog display widgets on the web.  At least right now.  Well, GroveStreams enabled them as a embedded object in their 'Dashboard'.  I couldn't wait to try them out to see if they were as nice as the ones I came up with for other things.  Take a look:

Nice aren't they?  I intentionally chose different appearances and styles for them to illustrate a tiny portion of what is possible.  There are other styles, horizonal, LCDs, well, you can look for yourself.  The really cool thing is you can experiment with the look and type right on the screen to get what you want.  Yes, these are (almost) real time.  I update every minute, so if you wait long enough, they'll change.  The little blue and red ticks on them represent the high and low for the last day.  Think about what they would look like with a weather station.

Then, later when you change your mind, go back to GroveStreams dashboard and change them.  Since the way they embed them is to use the dashboard object, all the places you've used them change as well.

Slick, really slick.


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    1. Yes, they are. I have several examples of this on this blog. There's code here too that can be stolen. The cool thing is that GroveStreams integrated them into their dashboard. You don't think they've been looking at my site do you??

  2. Dave wrote: "You don't think they've been looking at my site do you??"
    Maybe they have, but quite possibly Gerrit Grunwald, the guy who designed the SteelSeries may have been in contact with them. Here is his blog site, where I originally found the SteelSeries gauges for use with my hydrosolar project. Gerrit is quite a talented guy. The SteelSeries are nice, but the file size is not small which consumes bandwidth to load, and it is quite processor intensive to draw a number of radial gauges to the screen for small devices.

    To this end I am now building a new gauge that will have some under the hood similarities in that it is a HTML5 canvas object, but it will appear different and I believe will be well suited for small smartphones like Adroids, all the way up to large screens. Imagine, a square gauge with various statisical and alarm features.

    1. Great ! When you get far enough along, point me to them and I'll try them out.

  3. I was totally hooked on these gauges and it's pretty easy to set up the streams. However, I started looking at the terms of service; you get 10,000 free transactions. A transaction occurs every time you send data, or request it, say, for a gauge display. Just messing around in a few hours I clocked up 1300 with only 2 streams. Sending 10 streams 6 times a minute is about 250,000 per month, plus anyone who looks at a gauge seems to cause a transaction at the gauge update rate. At 0.00005$, I think this get up to 2-3$ per month.
    It's probably worth it though. Nothing for nothing

    1. Jonesy, you're totally right. I whined a bunch about their pricing plan back when I first started with them, and they actually listened to me. Not that they did what I wanted, but they changed it a bunch. Currently, using it the way I do, it cost me a couple of bucks a month. I don't object to that at all.

      The problem I see is that they do 2 things that are scary. First, everything you do on the site in setting it up and editing is reflected in the transaction count. Then later when you build a few thing, again with the transaction count. The other thing is that if other people are reading your gauges (like this page), those count as transactions also.

      Now, this was all true the last time I took a close look, and may not be the case anymore, but it is a bit scary. I know you understand what I'm getting at, so I'm not going to elaborate on it and give too many people ideas. I don't want to turn access to my data off for other folk.