Saturday, August 27, 2011

Swimming Pool Fittings (part 4)

OK, I think I have the plumbing problem for solar heating on my swimming pool under control.  The latest set of plumbing parts came in and I've been testing fit and construction.  Everything seems to work.  I can create a connection that is short and will hold a flexible hose clamped around it just fine.  I used the pipe extender I mentioned below.  I'm still at least a week away from having the proper flexible tubing, but I only need that for one joint because I already have enough for the rest.

Shown above is the fitting before I cut some of it off and then how it can be inserted into fittings and pipe to make a secure connection to a flexible tube.  This way I can construct a fitting anyplace I want to, like the end of a pipe or a street ell.  I hope other folks that have to deal with this stumble across this set of posts because this kind of thing can be a real pain.

This will all be installed day after tomorrow early in the morning.  It's 135 degrees F on my roof right now and there's no way I'm going up there.  So, now I move on to the automatic acid injector project for the pool.  The injector is actually running right now, but I haven't started writing it up.

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