Monday, July 25, 2011

So, a pack rat got into my swimming pool wiring.  I think it was a pack rat because stuff was missing; usually when a normal rat, mouse or squirrel gets to wiring it's all still there, just torn apart.  This time large pieces were missing.  Took all morning to put it back together and then the pool controller got the famous Goldline burned solder connection problem.  See for a complete description of the problem and solution.  Goldline, and now Hayward since they bought the company, have known about this problem literally for years and nothing has been done about it.  The darn pool manufacturers sell these things and tell us how good they are.  Sigh....

Anyway, I got it all fixed and then cleaned the salt generator and pool and ran the motor on high speed to test everything out.  Worked fine, but I forgot to turn the motor back off before the peak period.  Timers usually do this for me, but I overrode them to test the pool system.  Well, I now have a 2.4 peak demand number for the 45 minutes that I ran the pool.  That'll cost me a little bit, but since I have family coming this month, I sort of expected to have a higher bill.

I'm going to have to think about this a bit.  There must be a solution to forgetting something like this, it just isn't coming to mind right now.  I don't want to constantly turn stuff off to be sure it stays off.  Maybe an alarm that sounds when the power gets too high or something.  I'm not quite ready to start on the load shedding project I want to do eventually.

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