Monday, June 20, 2011

House Controller

Finally started documenting the House Controller.  I've mentioned it several times, but the darn thing is a ton of code and has been the focus of most of my efforts for a few weeks now.  It uses XBee to connect into the network I constructed and has an ethernet board so that I can tell it what to do as well as get information from it.  It also uses the ethernet board to control my two web enabled thermostats.  I control the pool and the thermostats as well as sample the data from my various devices.  I can see the inside temperature, outside temperature, power usage and such from my laptop in a chair anywhere in the world.  I use the Arduino TimeAlarm library like a task controller to schedule various events like turning off the A/C at certain times.  I also turn the pool pump off in the evening just in case someone (me most likely) left it on.

It has an LCD display that shows various items I like to watch in sequence and a ton of colored LEDs that show the various conversations going on around the house.  Naturally, it isn't done yet, not by a long shot.  Heck, I've only used about a fifth of the memory on it and I have CPU cycles to spare.  I will be expanding it to control the X10 devices I have, and as I add new devices, I'll put in code to handle them.

It's on the House Controller tab above and I'll have pictures so you can see it soon.  If you want to sample the web output, click here.

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