Saturday, May 14, 2011

Swimming Pool Continued

Work on the pool controller is at its first stage of completion.  I can control the functions I want pretty well and have the devices in a weather resistant box mounted to the wall near my pool electronics.  It is on my XBee network and can be controlled from anywhere in the house since the XBees automatically forward data from remote nodes.  This was an incredibly cool (from a total nerd's viewpoint) project and actually does something useful.  Now I can set up timers to control what the pool system does and when it does it.  I already hooked it into my house controller and can lounge in my recliner and turn on the pool light at night to attract the bats.

You can see the web controls here <link>, but the buttons won't work for machines outside my home network.  A picture of the device, most of the code and description are under the 'Swimming Pool' tab above.

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