Monday, March 21, 2011

Still messing with XBees, probably will be for a long time

I just published my findings on XBee implementation.  It's really not the fault of the designers of these little devices that they seem hard to use.  Anything that will set up its own network and handle store forward without operator intervention will have some things that are counter-intuitive and difficult to understand.  Early results are that these devices work really well and can do a ton of stuff for the home experimenter.  However, there are some gotchas that aren't mentioned by most of the tutorials on the web.  I'm not sure why this is since I ran into them right off the bat and had to overcome them to move forward.  So, take a look at my XBee page to see the kind of problems a new user will likely encounter.

I also updated the Power Monitor page to include the schematic.  I'm not going to figure that thing out again.  I'll probably put the new sketch in for transmission over XBee at some point, but currently I'm changing it every couple of days.  The device is now off the breadboard and actually has parts soldered down.  I guess I should post a new picture as well.....

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